Add an Event

Logged in users of oneplace are able to Add Events for their organisation.

To add an event:

  • Click on your login name and select Manage events from the drop down list.
  • Click on + Add event link at the top of the Manage events page.
  • An Add event form will be displayed.
  • Complete the form fields below:
    • Site - the organisation name or name of the site that the event will be held at. You will have the option to select from a drop down list.
    • Name - the name of the event.
    • Event type - You will need to select the event type from a drop down list. Options include: community event, community meeting, conference, exhibit, fundraiser, information session, lecture, social/networking event, workshop, training and development and webinar.
    • Keywords - You will need to select one or more keywords from a drop down list. Some of the types of keyword options include: Aboriginal, accommodation, anxiety, bullying, community, disability, youth, aged care, alcoholics anonymous, childcare, domestic assistance etc... You can select as many keywords as relevant to your event. 
    • Description is how you would describe your event in your own words.
    • Occurrences include start and end date of the event and any notes associated with it such as "bookings essential". You can add multiple occurrences of the event and remove them at any time.
    • Address includes building/location name, Level, flat/unit number, street number, street name, street type, street suffix, suburb, postcode and state. The confidential address checkbox is automatically checked if your service is a confidential service. If the event being created is not for a confidential service, you still have the options to make the address confidential. To prevent the address of an event being displayed in the event listing, tick the confidential Address checkbox. This will remove and disable all of the address fields accept for Suburb/Postcode/State and this will reflect in the Events search results.
    • Contact details - the event contact details including contact name, phone, email
    • Other details can include information such as cost, website address, interpreters available, accessibility, eligibility information, childminding facilities, registration method, catchment, parking information and public transport information.
    • Note: the fields with a red asterisk are mandatory in order to save the event.

Once the form is complete, click on +Add event button at the bottom.

  • Your upcoming events list will display.
  • You can continue to add more events by simply clicking on + Add event link at the top of the Manage events page.